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Tire 101

Most common tire questions! 

When do I need to buy new tires?

Tires are more complicated than they seem but we’re here to make them simple. Most importantly, you should check your tires at least once a month to ensure your tires are safe to drive on. A flat doesn’t necessarily mean your tire needs to be replaced but you will want to get your vehicle serviced and have a trained technician assess the damage to the tire since they’ll tell you what they recommend. There are three things to consider when trying to figure out if a repair is possible;

  1. Have you driven on the tire while it’s flat?

  2. Is the damage in the sidewall (the part that doesn’t touch the road)?

  3. Is the puncture less than ¼ inch deep?

  4. Are your tires worn to 4/32 or less tread depth?

You’re more likely to need a replacement if the answer is “yes” to one or more of the above questions.


How do I check to see if my tires need to be replaced?

There are a couple of ways to quickly answer that question on your own:

1. Take a penny and put it into the most shallow tread groove with Lincoln’s head facing down. Is the top of his head visible? If so, then your tires need to be replaced.


2.  Look at your tire; See those lines that go across the big grooves like in the picture above? Those are your tire’s wear bars. They’re to show you, easily, how close your tire is to 2/32 inch depth which is the legal minimum. If you can see these bars then your tire needs to be replaced as soon as possible.


What does the letter mean?

Very simply, “P” stands for Passenger and “LT” stands for Light Truck. Passenger and Light Truck tires are the most common tire types. Unless you’re driving a specialty vehicle you’re only going to see these two letters (or none at all).


Can you take and dispose of my old tires for me?

Yes! We are happy to take those to a recycle yard, so that you do not have.


Are you able to come to my office to take care of my tire needs?

You bet! That is what we do! We will come to your home, place of work, or just about anywhere as long as it is safe for our mobile tire service provider and you!


What if I have my own tires? Will you still install them?

We would be happy to! Just as long as they are in good condition and safe to be driven on.


Do you service Fleet and Semi Trucks?

You bet! Those might be our favorite!


What areas in Utah do you service?

Utah Mobile Tire services Northern and Central Utah


Do you provide Roadside Assistance?

Utah Mobile Tire provides the utmost in safe and fast mobile tire roadside care. You never know when an emergency tire repair will be needed, but you can know that we will help you get back on the road!


Can you swap my snow tires onto my vehicle for the winter?

We sure can! Give us a call to set up an appointment!

Let us take care of you!

Schedule an appointment today!

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